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re: App: EleanorRigby

The application submitted by EleanorRigby is as follows:

What is your REAL first name?:

Where are you from?:

How old are you? (if not 21+, please tell us why we should approve your application)*:

List your character, class, spec, server and battletag. (List alts if applicable):
Eleanorrìgby (the i is a alt 0236)

I also play a 870 Resto Druid on the alliance side on Fri nights and some sunday nights . The druid has the same name with the same alt code and she is on Bladefist server

Which character would you like to play as your MAIN toon in Broken?:
I would like to play my Holy Pally , shes 868 ilvl

What role would you like to play in Broken? rDPS, mDPS, Heals, or Tank:
Healer . I do not have a viable OS at the moment . I do play Ret but not geared proper for it.

Would you be willing to switch roles for the greater good of the guild?:

Are you in another guild that raids?:
Yes on a Alt. The pally has been my main since Legion. Prior I was a mage but the guild was in need of healers. I do raid on my Druid on Fri nights on a alliance team

Do you know anyone in Broken? If yes, list them here.:

What makes you want to join Broken?:
I want to progress into mythics. The guild I recently left had decided to disband and some joined a fellow guild that was just starting Heroic EN and 2/3N ToV . I decided I didn't want to regress that far back so I started looking for a Mythic guild needing a healer so I can progress into M EN an M Tov . I have been playing wow since vanilla and doing mythic as long as I can remember and want to get back cause since legion its harder and harder to find that 20 player team

What position are you looking in the guild?:

What type of raiding experience do you have? If so, what was it and in which releases. i.e Vanilla, BC, WOTLK., Cata, MoP and was any of it heroic?:
I have raided all content from Vanilla to Legion , all while current and most was mythic . My mythic raiding fell of in Legion due to not being able to field a 20 player team. I have many AotC acheievments and did Mythic in MoP and WoD .

How far have you progressed in the current tier?:
Currently I am 7/7H and 2/3H .

Do you have a log to link to show DPS or HPS? If so, please link it here.:
The last log I have is from 10/19/16 I know its old but the new ones are locked since I left the guild.

What addons do you use?:
I use a few addons but the main ones you might be wanting to see is Big wigs with voice , Vuhdo , Tell me when , and GTFO

What is your usual fps and ms while raiding?:
ms ranges from 27ms to 45ms and FPS go 65-90FPS

What guilds have you been in and why aren't you there anymore?:
My pally has been in 2 guilds since I started play her as the main in Legion . The first and one you see in the log is Relentless.

Relentless was disband after , if you look at the logs you'll better understand ,the GM (Crystalle) flipped out and kicked us all out after a night of progression on H Cenarius she had ran late to raid and didnt get a invite from the RL as everyone felt her healing was to weak and hindering us . We then formed the Guild I just left 2 days ago Dismissed. I left Dismissed cause the GM decided to join a guild we were friendly with an most went with him. I choose not to as the guild they joined has just started H EN and N ToV and I had spent a few months in both progressing and do not want to go back when I should be going forward.

Butter or KY?:

What questions do you have for us and when can you be online server time for an interview?:
I play mostly from 7-8 pm to 1130 est tues-fri and on weekends I play off and on all day .

Only question I have is a are there any must have addons you require ?

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always
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re: APPROVED - App: EleanorRigby - by Bloodrooted

Thank you for your interest in Broken!

As far as must have add ons - some version of dbm or bigwigs, a skada or recount type - but for loot distribution - "RCLootCouncil" is a must have as it's what we use to look at everyone's gear and possible upgrade to have the council vote on.

We'd definitely be interested in your joining the team - let us know if Tuesday 9:30PM EST - Midnight would be a good night to come check us out in heroic xrealm. I sent you a friend request and hope to chat or see you soon.



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